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The Paranormal Awards created to promote awareness of all paranormal genres by supporting and celebrating the hard work of the back bone of the paranormal industry.


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The Paranormal Awards is proud to anounce a Horror film & Art and

Paranormal Art  Categories


In December of 2014 Kadrolsha Ona the creator of The Paranormal Awards played a pivotal cameo role as Kadrolsha Ona Queen of The Paranormal in the move Toxic Tutu. Making her the 1st paranormal celebrity to play herself in a feature occult horror major motion picture for distribution. Bridging yet again two genres Paranormal & Horror. Hince the addition of the

Horror Category.

And the Winners are?

Due to our streaming acct. being hacked we are not streaming the event. We will start to post the winners on the Awards 2015 page.  Click here